Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 23

(25) There is the need  to convey a thing with wisdom and proper manner. The talk must be according to the condition of each social group so that they can digest and accept it. Nothing should be imposed all of a sudden. The beginning should not make with the highest stage and the first step must not be too difficult. Some very accomplished women of the University have made Religious contact (with Hazrat Shaikh (DB)). It was requested to them that there is privacy (satar) and curtain (hijab). Any part of chest and arms above wrists must not be exposed in any case. These should not be exposed at all for their covering is mandatory and opening is forbidden (haraam). There can not be any concession in that. Then both feet up to ankles, both hands up to wrists can be kept open. This is permitted. As for as the face is concerned than during the work if it is very necessary then open it up – after that keep that too in covered. Now is it difficult to maintain purdah like this? You act upon it for your own benefit. As a result the matter become clear to them. There is a lady professor who is following these instructions. She is working and she is acting upon these instructions. Similarly there is a lady lawyer who has correctional relationship (with Hazrat Shaikh (DB)). She too is implementing this. In fact she, from a lawyer, has become a judge. In the same state of hijab. The latest news is that she is going to be promoted. In any case the need is to do correction with wisdom.