Sunday, December 12, 2010

Conquering the Unseen

Futooh Al Ghaib
(From Urdu translation of the famous and basic book of mysticism)
Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani  May Allah Most High Sanctify His Inner Self
 (Only the Titles of the Admonitions)

1. Things Necessary for Completion of Faith
2. Inducing Good Deeds
3. Trials and Troubles
4. Real Death and the State of Annihilation
5. This World Isn't Worth Attention
6. What is Annihilation from Created Things
7. Give a Place in Heart to None Other Than Allah
8. How to Achieve Closeness With Allah?
9. Premonition and  Observation
10. States of Heart
11. What are Desires?  
12. Punishment for Turning Away
13. Keep Accepting Ordinances of Allah
14. Compete Not with Friends of Allah
15. State of Fear and Hope
16. Destination of God Reliance
17. Reaching Allah with the Help of an Instructor
18. It is Forbidden to Complain
19. Do not Break Promises
20. Get not Involved in Doubts and Uncertainties
21. Dialogue with Satan
22. Tribulations of a Believer, Proportional to Belief
23. Be Thankful on Destiny
24. Leave Not the Doorsteps of Allah
25. Tree of Faith
26. Keep Your Condition Private
27. Well Being and Trouble are Two Fruits of the Same Tree
28. States and Condition of a Seeker  
29. Poverty Pushes Towards  Infidelity
30. Seek not Excuses in Matters of Action
31. Adopt Hatred and Love for Allah Only
32. Share Love of  Allah with None
33. There are Four Categories of People
34. Never be Unhappy with Allah Most High
35. Adopt Detachment and Independence
36. Religion is the Principal and This World is its Benefit
37. Jealousy is a Serious Problem
38. Truthfulness and Admonition
39. Hypocrisy and Consonance
40. The Method for Entering the Spiritual Company
41. State of Affluence and Independence
42. There are Two States of Baser Self
43. It is Objectionable to Ask Others Except Allah
44. Why Are the Supplications of Gnostics Not Accepted?
45. Troubles Through Blessings
46. Excellence of Remembrance Exercises by a Divine Tradition
47. How to Achieve Closeness with Allah ?
48. What Actions Suit a Believer?
49. Sleep is a Big Trouble.
50. What is the Method to be Close to Allah?
51. What is Detachment?
52. Troubles of Faithful
53. Be  Happy with Divine Desire
54. How to Reach Allah?
55. Give up Pleasures
56. Station of Annihilation
57. Be Agreeable to Divine Wish
58. Turn Away Your Attention from Every Directions
59. Be Thankful for Blessings, Patient on Trials
60. The Beginning and the End
61. Adopt Requisite Wait for Everything.
62. Love and Beloved
63. What is Gnosis
64. The Death without Life
65. To be Angry with Lord for Delay in Acceptance of  Supplication
66. Etiquette of Supplication
67. Keep Struggling with Baser Self
68. Allah’s is a New Grandeur Everyday
69. Ask for Forgiveness
70. Thanks and Acceptance of Mistake
71. Seeker and Sought
72. There are Five Types of People of Allah
73. Those People of Allah Who are Aware of Other People's Faults.
74. Evidence of Unity from Intellect
75. Sources and Origins of Mysticism
76. Second Will
77. Annihilation from Creatures
78. Characteristics of People of Determination
79. Will of Hazrat for Children
80. Guess not Others on Me.

Endnote: A doubt may arise in mind regarding the benefits of a mere list of topics. The reality first: it is extremely beneficial. A big problem in life in general and Seeking in particular is familiarizing our self with any environment. Acting upon the demands of the environment comes second. That too is difficult but process of familiarization makes it easy to a very large extent.