Sunday, December 5, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 21

(23) Once there was this addressing to doctors where I requested them that women come to you for treatment-it is necessary to maintain purdah with them. Patients thinking that there is no purdah with doctors and doctors thinking that there is no purdah with patients – this is not correct idea. This is against the Doctrine (shariat). Hakims and doctors too should implement purdah. And the women visiting them too are mandated to observe doctrinal covering. I told these people that if a woman comes for eye checkup then it is allowed only to check her eyes. So much so that the eye that has no pain  is not allowed to be looked at . If there is pain in the nose then your sight must be on the nose only. This is a difficult thing but if fear of Allah is there and a person wants to avoid such things then it is not impossible too. The method for that is that the part of the body that must be seen for treatment - focus the attention on the aspects of that only and for that duration think only about the disease and its causes. For example while checking the pulse the thoughts must be focused on the blood circulation and its condition and must not turn at all towards lust. These things can be controlled by worrying about them and practice.