Thursday, December 2, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 17

(19) It is also requested to the People of (Religious) Knowledge and those who serve religion that find some time and sit down in solitude to think about yourself. Take a stock of your actions, particularly the sins, if any. Worry about your Personal Correction. Never be unmindful of that. After any address/speech/sermon give it a thought that how much have I benefited from this Lecture? How has it created a interest for Self Correction inside me? This will help in creating concern for self correction and the Baser Self will remain in check. Hazrat-o-Aala (RA) used to say that our tack is Qalandria. This means that it is not inundated with excessive incantations and rounds of recitations but there is strict and constant watching of the heart. There is continuous witch on it and a control on it. This is not an easy task. There is great struggle in that. It is a difficult task to be watchful about the heart at all times. This was the style of Hazrat-o-Aala (RA).