Tuesday, December 14, 2010

List of Grave Sins

Avoid Sins
(This is an addendum to the booklet Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings  compiled by Maulana Abdul Qawi Sahab)

Out of the benefits of Muhi-us-Sunnah Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrabr-ul-Haq Sahab (RA). Compiler: Maulana Abdul Qawi Sahab Mudazillahu (Manager Idarah Ashraf-ul- Uloom, Hyderabad)

    There is a dictation of Allah Most High: Wazroo zahiral ismi wa batinahu. Avoid open and hidden sins. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to Hazrat Ayesha (RA): O Ayesha avoid even small sins because on the Day of Judgement you will be asked about them too. Further more honourable Prophet (SAW) has declared avoidance of sins as the biggest worship in one of the traditions.
    Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas (RA) said that I do not consider any good deed equal to avoidance of sins and peace. Maulana Rumi (RA) said that every sin is like rust on the mirror called heart which darkens the world of heart. Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) used to say that sin is like arsenic, that is, poison. And poison is poison-whether it is small or big. Similarly sin is dangerous in any case, whether it is small or big. Hazrat Maulana Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Sahab (DB) says that the joy of Baser Self that a person gets in sins that is just like the pleasure a person having skin disease gets in scratching -when he stops scratching them resulting swelling and the pain too is of the same caliber. Similarly there is some temporary joy and fun in committing a sin but when its punishment will be inflicted upon them (the sinners) its reality will be unraveled. Hazrat Maulana Hakim-ul-Ummat Thanwi (RA) has this written in front of his seat as an admonition the following couplet:

In the mood to sin when you have committed it then nothing remains
This joy is of very short duration, after that it is nothing at all.

(Haz-e-gunah mein jab gunah tu kar chuka phir kuch nahin,
Ek zara si der ka hai yeh maza phir kuch nahin.)

May Allah Almighty save us from all small and big sins by His Mercy. Aameen. In the following some such sins are being listed that are called Major (Grave) Sins (gunah-e-kabirah). These are not forgiven with out repentance:

(1) To share some one with Allah Most High
(2) To kill some body without proper cause
(3) To indulge in magic
(4) To skip prayer
(5) To skip Charity (Zakaat)
(6) To skip fasting in Ramadhan without reason.
(7) To skip Haj in spite of ability
(8) To disobey parents
(9) To misbehave with relatives
(10) To indulge in indecent act
(11) To fulfill physical requirement in unnatural manner
(12) To receive, to give and to use interest
 (13) To use the property of an orphan by force
(14) Atrocity by ruler on the ruled
(15) To attribute falsehood towards Allah (ST) and His Prophet (PBUH)
(16) To runaway from doctrinal struggle
(17) To have pride.
(18) To bear false witness
(19) To drink, to offer and to do business of alcohol
(20) To gamble
(21) To accuse a decent woman of indecency
(22) Misappropriation of the war booty
(23) To steal
(24) To commit robbery
(25) To commit atrocity
(26) False swearing
(27) To use forbidden (haraam) wealth
(28) To commit suicide
(29) To tell a lie
(30) To give wrong judgment
(31) To receive bribery and to give bribe (except in urgency and in later case only)
(32) Man adopting feminine demeanor and women adopting masculine demeanor
(33) Indifference to wife?s fornication
(34) Not to avoid the splattering of urine
(35) To show off
(36) To receive religious knowledge for worldly gain, to hide religious knowledge
(37) To misappropriate trust
(38) To show favour
(39) To deny fate
(40) To search for short comings of other people
(41) To disclose secret talks
(42) To curse people
(43) To visit fortune tellers
(44) To disobey husband
(45) To quarrel
(46) To reduce weighing and measurement
(47) To become fearless to God's Wrath
(48) To skip congregational Prayer without reason
(49) To skip Friday congregational Prayer
(50) To do injustice in will.
(51) To cheat
(52) To spy upon Muslims
(53) To make drawings of living beings
(54) To insult Companions (RA)
(55) To shave off beard and to grow mustache
(56) Not to distribute inheritance
(57) To forget Holy Quran after reading it
(58) To use the wealth that has been transferred
(59) To have evil guesses
(60) To squander
(61) To do backbiting
(62) To swear in the name of others than Allah Most High
(63) To taunt or call some one with bad name
(64) To insult somebody or to laugh with derison
(65) Not to talk with a Muslim for more than three days due to some worldly affair
(66) Begging by a healthy person
(67) To adopt the dress and appearance of non-Muslims
(68) To call a Muslim non-believer without inquiry
(69) To pay less in buying and selling after the settlement of rate
(70) To meet or sit in solitude with non-close person (namehram)
(71) To watch dance and to listen to songs and music
(72) Not to have mercy upon younger people and not to respect elders
(73) To break a promise.
(One of the other printed sheets from Majlis-e-Dawat-ul-Haq, Hardoi has only 71 of them.)