Monday, December 6, 2010

Point of Current Contents

Contents of current issues of some of the Urdu periodicals have been posted at Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh. What purpose does it serve. To those who have browsed these at some point of time it might look eminently boring. Even in general this mundane looking activity warrants some explanation.

Main objective of the blog is the same that is proclaimed in the frequently asked questions and at various entry points. A specification of this aim has also been explained earlier. The specification concerns the use of English language. Though we would not like to initiate any debate on it but nevertheless would like to point out that Urdu might be the richest Islamic language as of the present time. To mitigate the chances of things going on a different tangent let us give it a status of extremely rich Islamic language.

Let us get another headline out of the way. True-languages do not have religion of their own. But that is not the point we are trying to make here. The point is to make the rich Islamic resources accessible to English speaking population. The Imdadia-Ashrafia teachings are mainly in Urdu and their limited access has resulted in serious loss on the front of dissemination of these things.

Dissemination of the teachings of Ahl-e-Sunnah-wal-Jam'aa in English is not a discovery made at Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh, it has been  going on for quite some time but, we believe, there is much room for contribution here. And that is where the present effort fits in.

So coming to the point of the present post-presentation of current contents of Urdu periodical serves to introduce the environment of these publications to the readers. That is what is hoped. This is a step in the direction of developing consonance and congeniality with Islam and Islamic environment. That is the purpose of Sufism too.

It is also desirable to introduce a glimpse of the external environment of Islam, that is, the environment in which Islam and Muslims find themselves. Many blogs are doing that and because of the nature of the present blog that can not be the focus here. At the same time it will be against the teachings of Elders to be cut-off from reality. Thus some aspects of the present environment should appear here too, Lord Willing, in future.

The point of departure to this purpose will, Lord Willing, be the editorials of some Urdu periodicals. The point in focus will be the observation that the traditional Urdu periodicals from seminaries are quite aware of the present world environment and have their own take on it that is original, mature, sober, well thought out, relevant, inspiring and in all probability the only way forward.