Thursday, December 9, 2010

May Lord Have Mercy

Some teachers of Madarsa Islamia T'amir-e-Millat, Dodhpur hired an SUV to attend the last rites of Late Maulana Marghoob-ur-Rehman (RA). One Funeral Prayers had taken place in Bijnor only that was lead by Mufti Shabbir Ahmed Qasmi Shaikh-ul-Hadis at Jamia Qasmia Madarsa Shahi, Muradabad. Second Funeral Prayer was held at Deoband lead by Maulana (RA)'s son Maulana Anwar-e-Ilahi who teaches at Dar-ul-Uloom. This one was around 11.00PM in the night. It was 3.00AM already by the time the funeral was over. The Aligarh contingent could not reach the body of the departed soul due to congestion. After six hours journey in the night they were back to the Madarsa in the morning.

Thus we bid farewell to the man who took over the responsibility after painful events of 1982AC.