Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How They Protected Faith - Three

Population of South Africa is based on black tribes. In  the seventeenth century of Christian era the Dutch people from Holland had, on one hand, established their control on South Africa and, at the same time, on the other hand brought Malaya and the islands around it under the grip of their empire. Malaya and and its neighbourhood islands had Muslim majority population and there were frequent freedom seeking campaigns on their part. The Dutch people, as was their way, suppressed these movements with force and excess and enslaved many of the Mujahideen from there. Even after after the Dutch were wary that these people might revolt any moment. As a consequence the Dutch government exiled these people to Capetown, thousands of kilometers away, so as to make them completely helpless. Thus around hundred Mujahideen were brought from Malaya and neighbourhood with their feet chained.

In Capetown these Muslims from Malaya were made to work extremely hard. The Dutch rulers also knew that their struggle and assertion owed everything to the flame of faith burning in their hearts and therefore every possible attempt was made to push them away from their belief and to deprive their future generations from the light of faith. They were not allowed even to recite the articles of their faith, let alone the performance of Prayers. Throughout the day they were made to toil very hard and anyone showing any inclination towards faith was severely punished.

But these atrocities and excesses could not extinguish the flame of faith from the hearts of these people. Even in face of hard work and hardships they kept their faith very close to their hearts and did not give up Praying even in the extremely helpless situations. After days work, when there tired bu very tough and determined Mujahideen were brought to their resting camp then they waited for their guards to go to sleep. Then, in the darkness of night, they stealthily came out of their quarters and climbed to a hill. Their they performed all the Prayers of the day. Today every child in Capetown knows that place on the hill where these helpless and wronged people bowed to their Lord in the silence of night.

Mufti Muhammed Taqi Usmani Sahab (DB), World in Front of Me (Duniya Mere Aage), p.129-130.