Monday, December 6, 2010

Love for Hereafter

The best and easy way to acquire a love for hereafter is this that in some moments of relaxation, in day or night, even if it is just for the sake of thought only, think that this world is the house of pain and trouble. Which will be the day when the days of separation from the real homeland, that is, hereafter will be over and the angels of mercy will come to take me? And if there was any illness before death then because of that my sins will be washed away and I shall be purified. And then at the time of flight of life I shall hear those glad tidings that are written in the Holy Qur'an and the books of tradition. And thus, with honour and dignity, the angels will take me away. Then I shall see this and this in the tomb and will meet the souls of the elders, near and dear ones. And this is the way I shall see around the Heavens. And if there will be a continuing act on my part or my coming generations will send me any supplications then that will increase my stature. Then there will be ease on the Day of Judgment and such and such external and internal blessings will be given in Jannah. That is how the moments of relaxation should be enjoyed. And if thoughts about punishment bother you then think that it is possible to escape them by avoiding punishable actions. This kind of imagination will produce some fondness for hereafter and a reduction in indulgence in this world. The fear of hereafter that was there will be changed to love of hereafter. This occupation and imagination, apart from being beneficial in above way, is a worship in itself and is a command of the Doctrine (shariat) and it has excellences.

Noor-un-ala-Noor, Hamid Ali Khan (Khurja, Bulandshahr)