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Sayings of the Physician of the Generation - 7

Marks of the Alchemical Company of 
Physician of the Generation, Reference of Scholars
Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum
in Service of the Readers of Dawat - ul - Haq 
(Now Readers of Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh)
(Compiled by Hazrat Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib Sahab Zeedmujdahum)

 Dawat-ul-Haq , June 2010 AC, Vol.7, No.p.17

Purify Intent, Cultivation Character 

Purity of intent (ikhlas) means to do everything for pleasing and placating Allah. The servant for whom every action is for pleasure of  Allah from him other people will be pleased automatically. And even if others are not pleased with then from such a servant Allah All-Pure is surely pleased. But if a person is not desirous of pleasure of Allah then the common observation is that other people too are not pleased with him. Only momentarily there might be some consolation and that is all. Lots of scholarly material can be obtained from books on purity of intent. By reading that one can get the knowledge  of purity of intent but its reality can be ascertained only by adopting the company of its practitioners.

By the company of Friends of Allah at list least two benefits are obtained : (1) production of purity in intentions and (2) correction and reformation of actions. The regrettable thing is that the worldly spiritual guides (Pirs) have turned even the monasteries (khanqahs) into politics. You get to hear strange things and one gets to see very strange happenings –though, for centuries, Friends of Allah were prepared in the very same monasteries who rendered unforgettable services to Islam, the effect of that can be felt even today. May Allah most High provide enormous reward to our Elders that they kept the institution of monastery functional even in this era. Thus actual monasteries are not extinct but they are rather rare. Market has abundance of synthetic ghee (hydrogenated vegetable oil) this does not mean that pure and natural ghee (purified butter) has become extinct. Those who have the urge and fondness they, for sure, end up getting them. Thus we should value these remnants of our pious predecessors who are the centers of reform of deeds and purity of intent. We should try to derive benefits from them. I repeatedly say one thing that if you approach these people of Allah completely empty then you shall return completely filled. If you come with criticism, fault finding and objections then you will derive no benefit. Today there is this new disease that anybody is criticized – without giving a thought to it and People of Allah are looked for finding fault in them, they are laughed at-this is a dangerous thing.

A reason for devastation of the Generation is devaluation of (religious) Scholars. People do not value the (religious) scholars and the Huffaz (plural of Hafiz = the one who has memorized the Holy Qur'an). It is also compulsory to have high regards for those who have reformed their beliefs, character and action by adopting the company of the people of Allah. Man is honorable for being man. Allah says, we have made sons of Adam honorable. Man is honourable and respectable. So, then, the scholars who are successors to the Prophets (AS) and the leaders of humanity- their disregard and devaluation is a big sin. Divine scholars who are the inheritor of the Prophets(AS) both in knowledge and action their devaluation is a big cause of decline and fall of the Generation. There are lecturers by many mystics and there are worries to reform but there is very little attention paid to this important disease and its cure. This is in spite of the fact that the excellences of knowledge, the scholars, Memorizers (huffaz), supporters of Qur'an and those who act upon Qur'an are found in the books by the elders. These excellences should be kept in view. One should avoid disrespect, disregard  and devaluation of Divine scholars and should try to save others from indulging in such actions.

The habits and characters that is desired by lord Most High from man-those he has taught that to men through honourable Prophets(AS). Highest manners of them were taught to our Master and helper Muhammed Mustafa (SAW) that is best of the creation. And it has been impressed upon every Muslim to adopt the same habits and morals in the verse for you there is best model in the personality of the Prophet (PBUH). Even the Holy Prophet (SAW)himself used the phrase that this is my Sunnah. For Muslims there is no better wealth than the moral and character of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

The action has more effectiveness in it than knowledge. That is why action is the kind creation, beautiful model and a body of light. Those actions and habits that are against Sunnah they have pure darkness. This is the benefit drawn by reformation in the company of scholars and Shaikhs that in reality is the perfection of humanity and completion of faith lies in the fact that one's each action has a glimpse of  the character of the Prophet (SAW). I have been saying the same thing with the slogan produce purity of  intent and produce (good) character. If you want enlightenment of heart then avoid sins, avoid useless talk and actions, adopt the company of the people of heart and keep yourself busy in the remembrance of Allah from tongue and heart. This is the object of getting connected with the Elders and the attendance  in the sittings of pious. These are the things are repeatedly reminded.