Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs of Allah : The Holy Qur'an – 9

    Beasts Scattered on Earth
    In 2:164 Allah Most High tells us about His Signs in beasts of all kind that He has scattered all through the earth. Let us take the grizzly – the polar bear – as white as snow but a beast nevertheless.
    Next take the snow leopard – very swift and sleek but a beast again.
    Then take the lions, Indian or African, very majestic but beastly. Then the tigers – white or brown. Very slim and agile but again beasts.
    Then the jackals, the hyenas, the hippos, the rhinos, the black bears. Or take the whales and the sharks.
    Most of them lie on the highest level of the so called food chain as envisaged in the context of the Darwinian theory of evolution. The struggle for life and survival of the fittest is suitable only for explaining some features of the animals in the middle of the food chain. The once at the highest and the lowest levels must be taken as exceptions.
    This statement should not be controversial even in the circles of evolutionary biology. Taking that as an input one is left wondering as to why there are so many exceptions to the rule of evolution? All the beasts are showing a funny face to evolution. It is strange that Lord Most High talks about beasts specially in above verse though each and every animal is a Sign of His miracles.
    To conclude a word must be said about the lowest rank in the food chain. Since the lowest rank is the most disadvantaged of all living things, believing in evolution, one must conclude that it, the lowest link in the food chain, must be extinct long back – killing the whole chain by induction. But that is not so. The lowest link in every food chain, no exceptions admitted, is alive and kicking  and so is the whole chain. Evolution is debunk. Moreover giving up evolution does not change anything about science except an entrenched mindset – but we digress.