Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs of Allah : The Holy Quran – 6

    Alternating of Day and Night.
    Modern scientific training might put a curtain on our eyes about the sky and the earth or alternatng of day and night being Signs of Allah. Science obscuring Signs. Science as it is practiced now. Atheism, in the name of objectivity and the vague thing called secularism, has been made a part of science. It need not be and it should not be. The reason is not very difficult or too deep to understand. Modern science, though started by Muslims, has been shaped in the western world. The western world has its own history of religion in which an essential period consists of atrocities committed by the church in the name of religion. This lead to reaction of western society towards religion in general, not merely the church, that consists of revulsion towards it. The main manifestation of this attitude is the dictum of separation of the church and the state. It is in this milieu that western science has been shaped. One simple effect of this is that people with scientific background, that is modern scientific background will have a strange feeling and attitude towards religion. Since western science has developed in the state sector, not the religion sector, of their division of society the dominant western attitude towards religion is bit hostile.

No wonder Lord Merciful gave us the Book of Signs (the Holy Qur’an) before science. And beloved Prophet (PBUH) asked for Lord’s refuge from that knowledge that does not benefit. For example the knowledge of the following type : What do you mean by the heavens or the sky ? There is no roof like thing there. Earlier there is atmosphere and then slowly the empty space takes over.

    Good point. Let us say that Lord did not create the atmosphere in which we breathe and that protects us from ultraviolet and other cosmic radiations, for nothing.This much can still be said even if there is no roof like thing. And only this type of thing is implied in the verses where one is exhorted to ponder over the creation of sky and earth.

    Next to realize that Lord did not create the alternating of day and night for nothing we must take the same route as earlier – this is demanded by the verse 3:191. And Lord willing we shall reach the same conclusion that there is a purpose behind the creation of alternating of day and night. Purpose is always associated with a being – here the Supreme Being. Ergo alternating of day and night is a Sign of Allah. If you understand that then you are a man of understanding.

Otherwise? Answer : (1) Praise Allah Most High standing, sitting and lying and (2) ponder over the alternating of day and night – till you become a man of understanding – something that we have seen to be voluntary.
But this is rather easy to understand. If there was no night you’ll get no rest. Life will not last for long without rest. And if there was no day how will you earn your livelihood? Utility of alternating of day and night is rather obvious.
    Again a question might arise in mind : Alright it is useful that they alternate but they just do that. Where is the Sign of Allah in that ?
    Counter Question : Are you denying Lord Most High ? If yes then the presentation is not for you. How did you come this far?
    If you say that you are seeking then good. Keep going on. The alternating of day and night is an effect. It has been created by Lord. There is a creater behind them. There is no doubt about their utility. They serve a purpose. Where there is Being behind that purpose that is the only doubt. And if any one has this doubt then, by the Grace of Lord Most High, he or she is at the right place because the Holy Qur'an is the only thing where there is no doubt. This is the place where all of the doubts will be cleared and all of the doubts will be melted. Hold on fast to this rope of Allah.

To square up the things we must address a feeling that might arise that are we giving an argument that to have faith we should have faith, to recognize a sign you should recognize a sign? Not in the least. To have faith you should be a seeker. To understand Signs of Allah you should ponder over His creation.