Monday, January 24, 2011

Signs of Allah : The Holy Qur’an – 12

    Made Clear by Lord Most High
    In 2:219-220 Lord Most High say that He has made His Signs clear so that we may understand them and take them into consideration. This is a blessing.
  This is a Sunnah that if there are two routes to do a work then follow the easier one. But there is no complete avoidance of effort when we are faced with obedience.
  To implement Doctrine in our life requires efforts and hard work. Some of us might take the route and indeed many do take – may Lord forgive and guide us, to avoid implementation of the Doctrine by saying that we do not understand this – the Doctrine, the religion. This is not an excuse and that is what Lord is telling us in 2:219-220.
    One example should illustrate the point. A person asked that if Islam is a natural religion then why we should keep our feet parallel during Prayer (qiyam) standing – the natural position is to keep an angle between them.
    It is true that natural and comfortable position to keep our feet is not parallel but at an angle. And that is how we keep them normally and naturally – when we are not Praying. This is acceptable in Islam. Prayer is a special position, as compared to non-praying position.  Prayer is an endeavour that fetches reward and reward is fetched by (hard) work. It is natural thing to work when you want reawrd. We understand this philosophy. Thus if we expect reward we should be ready to work for it – like keeping our feet in a position that fetches reward. To expect reward for natural position, in non-praying times, is an idle thought. Indeed Jannah has been surrounded by hard work. Lord has made it clear – perchance people may consider.
    Another example of human stubbornness in accepting Sign of Allah is the carping sacrifice of heifer by the Jewish people as mentioned in the Surah Baqrah – the story that gives the name to this Surah. In that story these people ask so many questions about the heifer that it becomes clear that they were in no mood to offer the sacrifice but God made the signs clear in a series of answers.
    Finally the fact that many things are repeated in the Holy Qur’an and some of them are repeated many times. This all serves the purpose of clarifying the Sings of Lord. Lord makes His Signs very clear so that those who can take heed have no excuse left over for not accepting the truth.

Not understanding something is not an excuse to avoid obedience. It is incumbent to learn when you do not know something. If you do not understand Signs of Allah then it is incumbent to learn them. Allah has explained His Signs, made them clear so that not knowing or not understanding them does not become an excuse to escape obedience.