Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recitations in the Heavens

After assignment of Heavens (Jannah) Allah Most High will ask Hazrat Dawood (AS) to do the Recitation. His Recitation is famous. After listening to that the dwellers of Jannah will say that this is great, we never heard a Recitation like that! After that beloved Prophet (PBUH) will be asked to do the Recitation and he shall do that. On listening to that all present will be further surprised and will declare that the earlier Recitation was nothing as compared to this one. Finally Lord Most High will do the Recitation. He, Exalted is He, will not say in the name of Allah but will say that I am Allah Most Merciful. That will be the pinnacle. After that most of the Holy Qur'an will be taken away except a few Surah. The dwellers of Jannah will Recite them only.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, January 22, 2011)