Monday, January 24, 2011

Signs of Allah : The Holy Qur'an – 11

Purpose of Life
    The Verse (3:190) tells us the purpose of life and also tells us that it is a Sign of Allah.
    When a believer says that O Lord ! you have not created all these (the heavens and the earth) for nothing then he is declaring that there is a purpose behind this all.
    And what is that purpose? Indeed that purpose is to recognize Him. The final aim of that direction is to get protection from hell. That is what is asked at the end of 3:190.
    This is a rather pertinent point in the context of understanding, appreciating and accepting Signs of Allah. Mostly the objections to God come from western people but even they agree that the line between faith and disbelief is drawn by the fact whether you believe in a purpose of life or not.
    This  Verse also tells us the shortest route to cross that divide from unbelief to belief. It has two parts (1) celebrating the praise of Lord Most High, in every condition and (2) to ponder over the wonders of creation.
    A question may be asked that the problem of crossing the divide is faced by an unbeliever and being an unbeliever how can he celebrate the Praises of Lord ? The answer is that such a person has to celebrate the Praises of Lord just mechanically. If he is a true seeker then however weak are his efforts he shall end up on the other side of the divide, Lord willing. Like creation from nothing, that is the Glory of God.