Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs of Allah : The Holy Qur'an – 10

    The Change of Winds
    We are discussing special Signs of Allah. But as Lord Most High has already told us that there are asked by people without knowledge otherwise everything in the universe is a sign of its creator.
    When we come to think of it we realize that special signs are demanded by those who think that they are knowledgeable for they do not accept anything just like that. Lord Most High tells us that in fact these people lack knowledge. Strange thing indeed. Strange but true – why ? The reason is that those who believe – they who do not insist upon special signs. To them the signs are obvious. They know them and they understand them. Ergo they are knowledgeable. On the contrary who demand special signs are accepting their lack of knowledge – for only he who does not know a thing seeks its knowledge.
    Seeking knowledge is a preferable thing and Lord Most High has not disappointed even those who seek special sings. Hence there are so many special signs scattered all over – in the Holy Qur'an and in the world around us. Every beast, for example, must remind us of Lord Most High.
    In this post we are concerned with the changing winds that kick the clouds like slaves (2:164).
    We shall mention two categories of changing winds that kick around the clouds like slaves. One, the Monsoon winds and the others are the cyclones, tornedos or the hurricane winds. Both are changing winds. In the Indian subcontinent the winter as well as summer winds are western. The monsoon winds are eastern and hence are changing winds. Indeed changing wind is the sure sign of monsoon – more potent than the scientific weather forcasting, at least till now.
    For Indian subcontinent Monsoon is the life line and hence there should not be any doubt about it being a Sign of Allah. Coming to the other class of changing winds that kick around clouds like slaves we take the storms – cyclones, tornedoes and hurricanes. These are the same things except for their geographical locations. An awesome thing like these can be a Sign of an Awsome Power only. One subtle thing that can be said about them is their large angular momentum that appeared out of nowhere. What even happened to the conservation of angular momentum? Scienficially we can gave ourselves consolation that if we add up various causes than we can recover out favourite conservation law. That is in deed the miracle – the special Sign lies in the very fact of appearance of large angular momentum out of smaller once going into it. Normally big and large things get dissolved into smaller once – as does a cyclone by dissipation. The reverse should remind us of the creator.