Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is the Book of Caution?

What is the Book of Caution (Kitab-ul-Wara)?
Book of caution is the famous treatise of Imam Abu Bahr Ahmed bin Muhammed bin al Haaj al Maroozi (RA) (d. 275 AH ) in which he has copied the saying and circumstances of  his teacher Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (RA) and some other earlier Imams. The writings are concerned with God fear, caution and God consciousness. This is not hidden from any body that in the Holy Qur'an, after faith, the most emphasis is on God fear and Allah clearly says that for Allah Most High more honourable one is he who is more God fearing.

But what does God fear and caution mean? What are its limits? These things can only be found from the circumstances of the Companious(RA), their Successors (taabayeen) (RA) and their successors (taba- taabayean) (RA) who belong to the best of the period. Book of Caution is an excellent book to know about the stand point of the early Imam about God fear and caution.

Hazrat Maulana Mehmood Ashraf Usmani Sahab (DB), Dar-ul-Uloom , Karachi (Quoted in Dawat-ul-Haq, Vol.6, p.20, January , 2010).