Friday, January 14, 2011

Sayings of the Physician of Generation - 9

Marks of the Alchemical Company of 
Physician of the Generation, Reference of Scholars
Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum
in Service of the Readers of Dawat - ul - Haq 
(Now Readers of Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh)
(Compiled by Hazrat Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib Sahab Zeedmujdahum)
Dawat-ul-Haq, October 2009 AC, p. 17

Good deeds of father are useful for children. Similarly decent children are big continuous charity for parents. Similarly errant and spoiled children are a source of pain in this life and source of recurring punishment in the hereafter. If the parents try for education and training of their children upto their capacity and even then the children do not adopt proper ways then probably there might be a way out in presence of Allah (for the parents). But dis-obedient and errant offspring is any way a source of trouble in both worlds. Thus we must pay attention.
    Some people have Permission (for taking up reformation of people who desire self correction) from seniors (akabir). I say that the permission is given for self correction. Reformation of people is indeed very blessed thing but its turn comes after self correction and correction of one’s own children. Hazrat Maulana Shah Wasiullah Sahab, may Allah have Mercy on him, used to love the children of Seniros (akabir) a lot and used to give them special honour. In general too it has been seen to be the habit of elders to give honour to the children of the Elders. Because of this these children should not be proud and should not get involved in any mis-understanding in their own context. If they will not give due regard to the connection because of which they are receiving the regard and if they will not turn to their own reformation then they will ultimately will end up deprived of the benefits of the chair (order, silsila). It is must for everybody to avoid sins but those who are special in someways for them the requirement to avoid this is more necessary. It does not make any difference to the dirtyness of a sin whether a person is somebody’s son, relative or a disciple.
    I say it repeatedly that sins have the character of attracting punishment and good deeds have th character of fetching forgiveness. Today by His Favour and Mercy Allah Most High has brought a strange topic to (my) heart. You see that sins take place-they take place inspite of not wanting to commit them. But look at the pure kindness of Allah Most High that even for sinners of the Generation he provides  four rewards : (1) He does not cut off sustenance of the people inspite of sins. Sinners livelihood continues and sometimes it continues with affluence. (2) Health is not destroyed. Men indulges in revolt and disobedience of Allah using the health given by Allah but Allah does not take away his health and strength. So inspite of sins livelihood continues and the health too remains sound. In fact sometimes a person becomes more strong after commiting sins. (3) Allah hides the negative things of the sinner and Allah Most High saves him from shame and indignity. The shame and indignity that follows a sin-if even a fraction of that becomes apparent in this world than the sinners wont remain hidden and will face ignominy owing to their sins. This will constrain the world on the sinner greatly. But Allah Most High does not disgrace the sinner publicly. Like sustenance and continuous health his cover up too continues. (4) The end result of a sinner is punishment and wrath. It is a strange treatment with a sinner on part of Allah Most High that rather than punishing him and subjecting him to wrath he is given time and opportunity to repent and make amends. Hazrat Rasoolallah, may Peace and Mercy be on him, has given the method to repent and avoid the trouble in this and the next world once a person ends up sinning. Correction and repentance should be of the same type as has been the disobedience of Lord Most High. Holy Prophet (PBUH) also taught the way to deliver the rights of the people and Rights of Allah. This is the benefit of having connection with  the people  of Allah that they suggest appropriate formulae for reformation. In deed, in the first place, by the blessings of their company hatred of sins is produced in hearts. Then if there is some shortcoming and there is a failing in delivering the rights of people or Rights of Allah then these people of Allah suggest simple methods for compensating for them.    
    Satan is very crafty. He tries to get slaves involved in sins and after that he tries to push him into despair by making them suspicious of Allah. Thus nobody is exempted from his self-correction. But you cannot reform yourself on your own. It is necessary to contact a reformer, to hand over one’s self to him and to act upon his advice.