Friday, January 14, 2011

Not a Simple Matter

If a Muslim, having succumbed to his Baser Self and Satan the cursed accepts a proposition against the Nation and the Generation and harms it by his actions then he is a hypocrite by action. Whatever punishment he gets in the hereafter, for selling out Generation, that he shall get but in this world too he will be called J'afar and Sadiq and every Muslim will look at him with disdain :

J’afar in Bengal, Sadiq in Deccan,
Wretched of Generation, Religion and Homeland.

( J’afar az Bengal,  Sadiq az Dakan,
Nang-e-Millat,  Nang-e-Deen,  Nang-e-Qaum.)

Maulana Shams-ul-Haq Nadwi, T’amir-e-Hayat, July 10, 2010 AC, Editiorial

(The original wordings are nang-e-mulk, nang-e-qaun, nang-e-deen.)