Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The List of Books

Hazrat Shaikh begins the sitting (majlis) by reading a few sentences from some book. A book lasts for many months-sitting not being a book reading session. Then branches after branches of knowledge are peeled from there onwards-richly embellished with the stories of the past Elders. Following books have been used in the recent past. (All are in Urdu.)

(1)  Life of Muslims (Hayaatul Muslimeen) by Hazrat Ashraf Ali Thanwi, may Allah Almighy grant him mercy.

(2)  Value of This World in the Eyes of Rasoolallah (May Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him) by Hazrat Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Sahab, may Allah Almighty prolong his benefits for us. (Rasoolallah sallahu alaihi wassalam ki nazar main duniya ki haqeeqat.)

(3) Useful Things translated of the book Mambahaat by  Hafiz Ibn-e-Hajar Asqalani's (RA) by Mufti Muhammed Farooq Sahab  (Kaam ki Baatain.)

(4) Baggage for the Next World (Tosha-e-Aakhirat) (Continuing)