Sunday, January 16, 2011

Signs of Allah : The Holy Quran - 1

    Creator is recognized by his creation. Thus this world, everything in it, is a sign of Allah Most High. But things we see around us belong to this world. And this world has the characteristic of making us forget the reality, the hereafter and even our Lord. Thus, as a result, we start taking the world for granted. We have to come out of that and get into the frame of mind in which we ask about the attributes of the Creator of the world. Even in this world we come across such things that can not be taken for granted and we are forced to ask the question as to who created that. Take the parable of a nightly journey in a forest where it is raining. Then you see a straight line about the horizon, during lightening. You’ll conclude that it must be a building, an old fort or some thing. It is not usual. It a sign of its builders. It is not a natural feature it is man made. A sign of man's presence, at least in the past.
    Similarly we come across things that force us to ask questions about their creator, Lord Almighty. They wake us up out of our slumber. As if bringing us out of sleep.
    The Holy Qur’an is one such thing. It is tangible. When you read it there is no other way to make sense of its subject matter accept to think of our Lord Most High.
    Except for those on whose eyes and minds Lord Most High has put a curtain because of their bad deeds. We, anyway, are not talking about them.
    We have talked about Signs of Allah in the context of scientific situations. We shall continue that. Here we are beginning a new series of posts where we shall look at Signs of Allah as mentioned in the Holy Qur'an.