Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Sunnah of Sleeping

(1) Sleep early, indulge not in worldly talk,
(2) Perform ablution before sleep,
(3) Dust the bed three times,
(4) To apply three scoops of eyeliner(surma)  for each eye,
(5) Sleep after reciting the Word (kalima),
(6) Sleep after reciting the Fatimah Round ( tasbih-e-Fatimah),
(7) Recite the three Says (three qul, surah Ikhlas, Falaq, Naas), blow on your palms and rub on reachable body parts, repeat the same three times,
(8) Recite surah Mulk and surah ALM Sajdah,
(9) Lie on right side with palm under the cheek,
(10) Recite the before sleeping supplication, (O my Allah, with your Name, in death and in life, Allahumma bismika wa amutu wa ahya),
(11) If sleep escapes then recite the supplication (A oodu bi kalimaa tilla hittamati min ghad bihi wa iqabihi wa sharri ibadihi wa min hamza tishshaya tini  wa anyah duroon.),
(12) In case of a bad dream make a soft spurt to the left after reciting the supplication (A oodu billahi minush
shayatini wa sharri haazihi rooya) three times.

(Inside back cove page of the Shiny Primer (noorani qa-ida))