Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Sunnah of Eating

(1) To wash both hands up to the joints,
(2) To spread out the table spread (actually the floor spread),
(3) To recite bismillah,
(4) To eat with right hand (not at all with the left one),
(5) To eat from your side (if there are many things on the spread then eat the things you like, in case somebody is stretching his hand then withdraw yours),
(6) To eat with three fingers (and the thumb),
(7) To clean up the cup, plate by licking them with finger and finally to lick the fingers,
(8) If food drops then to pick it up and eat it,
(9) Not to find faults in food,
(10) Not eat while inclined,
(11) To recite the post eating supplication (All Praise is for Allah who provided this food and drink and made us Muslims)(Alhamdu lillahil-lazi at'amana wa saqana wa ja'alana  Muslimin),
(12) To fold told the spread and then get up and to recite the supplication of wrapping up the floor spread
(Humdan kaseeran taiyabum mubarakan fihi gaira mak fi in wala mu addin wa la mustagh nan anhu rabbana),
(13) Mouth cleansing and
(14) Washing of both hands.

(In side of the front cover page of the Shiny Primer (noorani qa-ida))