Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Mosque

The building that appears on the banner is neither a dargah nor a khanqah. This is the back view of the Anona House Mosque, Aligarh. This is the mosque used by  Hazrat Shaikh. The mosque, built by Nawab Anona, though small in size, is an architectural marvel. A pre-cement era building it has used lime in construction. Like
the Jama Masjid of Delhi and the Jama Masjid of the Aligarh Muslim University it has three domes. Also like the later it has two halls, inner and outer. Inner hall can accommodate two rows while the outer one only one. In addition there is a courtyard that can hold several rows. The architecture is baroque and ornamental. The mosque has a large number of minarets, largest in Aligarh. For prayers in hot summer weather there is a basement-though that has not been used for few years. The court yard is surrounded by cast iron railing work. The court yard tiles do not get excessively hot in summer scorching heat. The gate has a Persian couplet which numerologically encodes the construction date-1346H (agar nek ast masjid gar aayad.)

Those who are sensitive to spiritual light will notice the abundant presence of that in the mosque. Very many People of Allah grace it by there presence all through out the year. May Allah Almighty grant sustenance to their blessings. Just a few days ago an Elder from South Africa came to Aligarh. South Africa to Delhi and from there, directly, to Aligarh-he will not mix any other business with this visit, then back to South Africa via Delhi, same day. The programme some how became known to people. Many well known learned people (ulama) arrived from Delhi, Saharanpur and Muradabad, the local learned people being present at nearly
daily basis. That day the environment was such as if Allah Almighty's special Mercy (sakina) is descending.

The same feeling descends many times when the Remnant of the Predecessors, Last of the Earlier Elders Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab, may Allah Almighty sustain his blessings, arrives.

Look at Me! Worthy of This Flower's Fragrance?
Oh the Morning Breeze! 'Tis Your Benevolence!

(Kahan Main Aur Kahan Ye Nikhat-e-Gul
Naseem-e-Sub-h, Teri Meherbani)

Photo Copyright : Sartaj Husain