Friday, August 20, 2010

List of Islamic Beliefs and Confirmations

Following list of Islamic beliefs has been prepared using Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA)'s book Education of Religion (Ta-aleem-ud-deen), published by Farid Book Depot, Jama Masjid, Delhi-6.
There is a more detailed list that has been browsed by Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA).

(1) Initially the whole universe was unborn. Then it came into existence on creation by Allah Almighty.

(2) Allah is One and He is dependent on no one,  He gave birth to no one and nobody gave Him birth, none is like Him.

(3) He exits since eternity, He'll be there till eternity.

(4) There is nothing like Him, He is unique.

(5) He is live, He has power over everything, nothing is hidden from Him, He sees every thing, hears every thing, He does what He wants, talks, He's the only One Worthy of worship, He has no partner, He is Merciful on His creatures, He is the King, He is free from all faults, only He saves His slaves from calamities, He's the one with Honour, He has greatness,  He is the Creator, it is He Who forgives sins,  He is All-Imposing, He gives a lot, He is the Sender of livelihood, constrains or increases the livelihood of whom so ever He desires,  subdues or elevates whom so ever He desires,  honours or dishonours who so ever He desires, He is Just, He carries patience and forbearance, values service, accepts supplications, He smells, None His actions are devoid of wisdom, He is the one who arranges all matters, He is the One who brought all of us into existence for the first time and He is the one who will raise us again on the Day of Judgment, He keeps everyone  alive, He is the one Who kills, every one knows Him by sign's and attributes, nobody understand the subtlety of His personality, accepts the repentance of sinners, punishes the culprits, He is the one Who guides, neither sleeps nor drowses, doesn't get tired by safeguarding the whole world, He is the one balancing every thing, similarly all attributes of excellence belong to Him.

(6) Allah Almighty is free from the attributes of the created things. The Holy Qura'n and hadees contain some information that is difficult to understand. In such cases it is better to refer these matters to Allah Almighty for only He only understands them.

(7)What happens in the world, good or bad, Allah knows that before time, for ever and then creates that accordingly. This is called destiny. There are many secrets in the creation of bad things-everbody can not fathom these.

(8) To each person Allah has given understanding and power of intention. The person uses them voluntarily to perform either good or bad deeds. Allah is pleased with good deeds and displeased with bad deeds.

(9) Allah has not ordered any duty that is beyond capability.

(10) Nothing is compulsory on Allah, whatever benevolence He bestows that is His Grace.

(more to come)