Friday, August 13, 2010

The Cook and the Shaikh

Hazrat Khwaja Baqi Billah  was a Shaikh of rather high stature-apparent from the stature of the people who contacted him, like Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi, may Allah have Mercy upon them both. Hazrat Baqi Billah had short life span of 41 years. Once he got some guests late in the night. A cook lived in his neighbourhood. "How will the Shaikh arrange meals for these guests so late in the night?", the cook thought. He knocked at the Shaikh's door with enough food and very politely offered it to him. The Shaikh was very pleased by his thoughtfulness. Next day the Shaikh told the cook to ask for whatever his wanted. "Even if he asks for a kingdom that will be given to him", the Shaikh determined.

(The people of Allah are usually rather poor. This was certainly true of the Shaikh in the story. In spite of this some of them achieve such stature that if they decide on something then Allah will fulfill it.)

The cook said that make me like yourself.

Ask for something else, not this, the Shaikh was surprised by the inclination of the cook.

"No, that is what I wish for", the cook insisted.

"So be it, then", the Shaikh said.

The Shaikh took the cook to his chambers and focused his attentions on the cook. It took sometime.
When both of them emerged from the chamber, it is reported, that both of them looked alike.

This is a display of the charismatic powers of the People of Allah.

The cook could not sustain the burden of it all. He expired with in a week.

(Sitting on Friday, August 13, 2010.)