Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mufti Saeedur Rehman Bastwi Sahab (DB)

Few years ago a Mufti visited Anona House. At the time of the sitting (majlis) he was invited by Hazrat Shaikh (DB) to sit on his rugs by him. This is a sign of showing regards in a Sunnah way. Beloved Prophet will spread his blanket for an honourable visitor. This was Mufti Saeedur Rehman Sahab Bastwi who makes yearly visits to Anona House. He teaches in an Islamic Seminary School (Madarsa) in Mumbai. On that day he was also asked to say few spiritual things. Mufti Sahab is a relatively young person. His short speech divulged the secret of the regards shown to him. He narrated the following story.

There was a young Muslim professional employed by an American airlines in Mumbai. The young man decided to sport a Muslim beard. His senior hinted at that it was not, in a manner of speaking, professional. The young man ignored the hint. Matters reached the senior level. The in-charge of the Mumbai understood the religious requirements to keep a beard but was bound by the company rules. The company valued the young man. Result? The matters reached the headquarter in the US. A senior executive landed in Mumbai to sort out the matters. He explained to the young man that the corporate image of the company will get a beating because of the indiscipline so no beard.

The young man landed up with Mufti Sahab. "Is there a possibility, a way out, to shave off the beard?", asked the young man. "This is our state of affairs in the modern times-we look for way outs", said Mufti Sahab in the sitting (majlis). To the young man the advice was clear, "No permission to shave your beard in the Doctrine (shariah)".
The young man became silent.
Then they cried. Both of them.
Next day the young man resigned from his post in the airlines.

This story was told to Muhi-us-Sunnah (QS) and he liked it a lot.

To complete the story-the young man, after a few months, got a new job-in another airlines, at nearly twice the previous salary, in Gulf.

Whenever Mufti Sahab comes to Anona House the local regular attendees flock to him for Doctrine (shariah) consultations -very eagerly. May Lord Most High increase his stature.