Monday, August 16, 2010

You understood? Really?

Once a guest from Bhopal visited Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Ashraf Ali Thanwi, may Allah Almighty fill his tomb with light. He claimed that he'll present the Seer with such a gift that he could not refuse. After his meeting he expressed his desire to present the gift. "This is our first meeting and I do not accept gifts in the first meeting", Hazrat said. "You'll not be able to refuse the gift", said the guest, "Allow me to show it to you". "Alright, show it", the Seer said. The guest then brought out a bottle of good quality scent. As practitioners of Sunnah the People of Allah Almighty do not refuse when offered with milk, pillow and scent.

"So you think you have understood the hadees?", Hazrat Thanwi asked.

"Yes", the guest conceded.

"The hadees is about the little amount of scent we rub each other-not about a bottle".

(Sitting (majlis) Monday, August 16, 2010)