Sunday, August 15, 2010


Why are the posts so terse?

Because these are just the sayings of a seer.

Are the original sayings in English?

No, the original language is Urdu.

Why is the blog in  English?

Islam is the universal religion. It is meant to be presented to every human being. Moreover many Muslims now read, speak and think in English. English language requirements are increasing.

The posts are dry too.

Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi has said that I have a bit of dryness in my disposition and I prefer that in the people with whom I am concerned.

Having said that it must be born in mind that the focus in the blog is on rather serious matters, Islam is about that.

Why aren't the post decisive and comprehensive?

It is all about implementing Islam in life. It can be done only by taking one small step at a time. The entries are, in fact, very decisive.

Where is Aligarh?

130 kms east of Delhi.

The sayings seem to be mundane.

May be. Come back after some time, in all probability you shall have a completely different view.

Can I implement them in my life?

That is what they are for. This is no intellectual exercise. But first contact some Expert (kamil) Shaikh
and implement everything under his guidance.

All praise is for Allah Almighty only but even then the Mashaikh (plural of Shaikh) enjoy so many honorifics?

If they smile at the honorifics they are only telling Allah Almighty that it is your praise not mine.

Is it sufism?


What, in actuality is sufism?

This is the pathway or method to implement teachings of Islam in one's life. The basic thing is that the seeker (saalik) completely hands over himself or herself to a Shaikh and follows his instructions.

How is that possible?

This is an old method. Muslims have been doing it ever since the perfection of Islam.

Isn't sufism a deviant cult?

Sufis take great care in conforming all of their life to Sunnah. The purpose of sufism (tasawwuf) is to perfect the teachings of Islam in one's life.

Aren't intellectuals opposed to sufism?

Sufsm is about Islam. Neither sufism nor Islam is an intellectual exercise. Islam is about complete submission of one's will to the will of Allah Almighty. Sufism is the pathway to that.

What is the Pathway (sulook)?

Same as above, that is, sufism.

What is the Method (tareeqat)?

Same as above.

Why so many names?

Think of them as synonyms.

Aren't Muslims too conservative?

Lord Almighty perfected our religion for us, Muslims or not, more than fourteen hundred years ago. We do not have the freedom to alter it. This might give false impression of rigidity. In reality Islam has been very dynamic and vibrant. It still is. It will always be.

Wasn't Imam Ghazali against science?

Science is a branch of knowledge. It is incumbent upon each Muslim, man and woman, to seek knowledge from cradle to grave. This is a teaching of Islam. Imam Ghazali was a devout Muslim. It is unthinkable that he would nullify so fundamental a teaching of Islam.

But Muslims's, compared to west, are so inapt in modern sciences.

Western dominance in science is a rather recent phenomena. Muslims's have dominated this field in the past for a longer time. Western science is greatly indebted to Muslim science.

Isn't there only one science?

Yes. And Muslims are catching up again. But this blog is about a very specific thing.

I heard that sufism is all about love but this blog does not focus on it.

It is about love. Love for the sake of Allah Almighty. It is preferable to declare such a love but any over
display may spoil the purity of purpose (ikhlaas).

Where can I learn about the basics of Islam.

This is one place- but you must have access to an appropriate scholar too. Explore the links and the books that occur in the posts. Qura'n and Hadees are the basic sources. Introduction to Islam by Professor Mohammed Hamidullah is a very basic book about Islam.