Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yamin Sahab

Anona House is very close to Aligarh Railway Station. The railway line is even closer. During Prayers one can feel as if the trains are passing just on the other side of the wall. Anona House is on the eastern side of the main railway line, called the Civil Lines. The old city is on the western side. A very senior person comes to the sittings (majalis) on Fridays. This is Yamin Sahab from the city (shahar). He looks as senior as Hazrat Khizr (AS). There is so much of Light (noor) in his person that one would suspect that he'll glow in the dark. During the Prayers he'll make heroic efforts to perform all parts in proper way.

Hazrat Shaikh(DB) tells about a Caller to Prayer (muazzin) of the Anona House mosque. He too had a lots of Light (noor) on his face though he had a rather dark complexion. Apart from his daily duties this Caller will do regular washing of the the mosque courtyard.