Thursday, September 2, 2010


Some of our Elders (akabir) had two type of sittings (majalis). One for the public and another for the selected. The General Sitting and the Special Sitting. The Special Sitting will be for the Masha-ikh and the scholars. Sometimes somethings will come out either in privacy or only in the company of the chosen. Once there was a Shaikh who just set in his sitting (silently), against his own routine of delivering the sermon. After passage of considerable time a young man entered the sitting (majlis) room. No sooner has the young man entered the room the Shaikh began his preaching. That day the sayings were rather comprehensive. After the sitting the people from the inner circle remarked that today we saw rather peculiar things-initial silence and latter substantive lecture. "Yes, you are right", said the Shaikh, "Today I had prepared the sweet drink for an elephant, how could have I offered it to the ants?"

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, September 2, 2010)