Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Tough Guy

This is the story of a local tough guy. It has come earlier too in the Sitting(Majlis). The toughy was going to Delhi. En route there was a small town. There an old Maulvi and his wife had shop. The bamboo used buy him to erect a shade for the shop touched the car of the toughy. This was not acceptable to the toughy. He beat up the old man. "When my hands were tired I used my legs", he told the people later on. "I beat him up so much that blood came out of his mouth," he confided with others. Or may be boasted. Then after some time a little point-like boil appeared on his thigh. It never got cured-it took his life. Best physicians were consulted. And the best Tombs were visited-including a local Elder. Latter turned his face away from the toughy-not so tough any more. Toughy also visited the old Maulvi-to beg his pardon. Maulvi became silent. Original weight of the toughy was 84 kg. When he died his weight was 11 kg.

And the justice sometimes starts in this world itself.