Monday, August 1, 2011

How To Deceive Your-Self

"God loves me the way I am".
Beware! This is a deception.
Till you enter Jannah you can not absolutely be sure of your outcome.
The Traditions about Judgment Day are very scary.
People of Allah tell us to be alert about our actions every moment.
Allah (SWT) likes it when you do a good deed.
And when you do a bad deed, when you commit a sin then He (SWT) does not like it.
So how can we be so sure that Allah (SWT) loves us the way we are when we are drowning in the ocean of sins?
Surely anyone of us chanting the statement quoted above must be deceiving himself alone.

And may Allah (SWT) protect us from the deceptions of our Baser Self as well as Satan the cursed.