Monday, August 1, 2011

Miracle As a Double Edged Sword

Immaculate birth of Hazrat Isa (AS) is the beginning of a series of miracles in his life extremely rich in them.
Breaking of Moon is a mighty miracle of beloved Prophet (PBUH).
Yet miracle is a thing that people of Allah are scared of.
In Mysticism (tasawwuf) it is constantly reminded that miracles are not the goal of this method.
Miracles are accepted as truth but not an object.

Here is a very instructive example in Urdu.
Khwaja Bayazeed Bustami (RA) was going some where and encountered a river on his way. On his approach the water bifurcated and made a way through which he could pass. Khwaja Sahab (RA) shouted that this is a test from Allah (SWT)-a trap. He supplicated that o Allah (SWT) this slave will go back or adopt another path but he is very scared of your test.

This is Khwaja Bayazeed Bustami (RA) supplicating.

People seeking, preaching and boasting of miracles do not really know what they are playing with.
Alas we took heed of the admonitions.