Monday, August 1, 2011

Self-Correction Is Difficult

Yes, there.
Self-correction (islah) is difficult.
It is enormous struggle.
And we are talking of the cases where you are seeking self-correction with the help of an accomplished (kamil)  Shaikh.
That is the case for which the statements like The road to water hole is extremely difficult (Bahut kathin hai dagar panghat ki) have been made.
Without the help of an accomplished Shaikh one can not just imagine the process of self-correction.

A part of the difficulty is that mostly one gets to hear difficult statements from his (or her) guide.
Give up that. Now the that in the question is the thing which you did not want to give up. That is why you went to the Shaikh that day. You had a strong desire for promotion and you wanted the roadblocks to be removed. In all probability you'll be asked by your Shaikh whether you really need that promotion or you have started running after the world. And so on.