Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life of Companions - Part III

A brief introduction to the book called The Life of Companions (Hayat-us-Sahaba) by Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Sahab Kandhalwi (RA) is here in Part-I. Here is the content overview of the third volume of the book. Contents of the second volume are there in Part-II.
(1) Faith on Unseen, Preferring the News  Over Views (Observation), Hereafter Over This world
(2) Prayer, Remembrance of Allah, Turning to Allah
(3) Inclination for Learning and Teaching Islam
(4) Fondness for Remembrance of Allah
(5) Supplication of Noble Prophet (PBUH) and the Companions (RA)
(6) Noble Prophet (PBUH) and Companions Sermonizing to Impart Love of Islam and For Delivering Admonitions
(7) Turning to Spiritual, Leaving the Material, Surety of Allah's Help