Saturday, May 28, 2011

Insight: A Necessity in Times of Dajjal

Insight: A Necessity in Times of Dajjal
Maulana Abdus Sattar Sahab (DB)

There is eye sight(basaarat). Without it we shall fall into the first pit. Allah (SWT) has given it to His friends and foes, servants and truants alike. Then there is insight (baseerat). This is what becomes essential in times of Fitna. For example in times of Dajjal. In such times eyesight is of little help. One should cultivate insight for such times. With insight you'll recognize fitna even when it is cloaked in a thousand garbs. Noble Prophet (PBUH) said that there will be a time when there will only be deceptions-times when truth and lie, trust and breach of it will be hopelessly mixed. In such times you'll need insight more than eyesight. Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that beware of the acumen (firasat) of a believer-he looks at the things with the Light of Allah (SWT). This acument is what we need in treacherous times. It is not attained by good deeds (ibaadat, tasbeehat, nawafil) but Taqwah. If you fear Allah (SWT), that is, if you have taqwah then He(SWT) shall make you perceptive, grant you insight (furqan). Taqwah, that is avoiding sins, is that brings insight. It is destroyed by evil glances and illegal(haram) diet. In modern times we are deprived of insight. These are treacherous times. Now is when we need it most. One can see this lack of insight when we decide about the education of our children or selection of a daughter in law for the house. It is worrying and amazing at the same time. To taste the sweetness of insight (baseerat) just avoid evil glances and haram food for forty days and tell me. This is what I tell to those youth who come and ask strange questions after having stung by the modern surroundings. Because of this environment they love the unchaste and dislike the righteous. Fortunate are those parents whose youth is protected whose girls are veiled and boys chaste.
Beloved Prophet (PBUH) asked what will become of you when your youth is unchaste and women cross limits? Companions (RA) asked whether this will come to pass. Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said it will be worse some times even taufeeq to repent will be removed from people and some times even faith, eeman will be in danger-what else do you expect when you'll stop demanding the good and forbidding the evil? Companions (RA) were distressed and spent their night in crying and repentance. These are the times in which we present Muslims are living. Today there many who call towards evil and very few to protect from it. When a person is stopped from evil he starts fighting back. The distinction between good and bad has become obliterated. These are the times when we need insight (baseerat). Without it we are prone to fall into fitna. Today our family is under distress. Girls are giving pains to mothers and boys to fathers. Friends are being given preference over parents. Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that there will be a time when music will be heard from every house. We are living in those times. We hear music from every direction-even from the houses of those people who frequent the mosques fives times a day. When shayateen get their ghiza then problems will not dissolve but will stand tall and high. People are stoping Mercy of Allah from entering their houses. The lack of insight is manifest from another angle. Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that there will be a time when the leaders of community will be lax in character and common men will be contemptible. We see that now. Leaders survival itself depends upon perverting the insight of the community. These are the times when people eat usury, drink alcohol, man imitate woman and woman imitate man. Honour of the righteous is not protected.

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Source : SCRIBD