Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life of Companions - Part II

We a already given a brief introduction to the book called The Life of Companions (Hayat-us-Sahaba) by Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Sahab Kandhalwi (RA) here in Part-I. Here is the content overview of the second volume of the book. Contents of the first volume are there in Part-I.
(1) Companions Avoiding Internal Differences
(2) On Consultation
(3) Rights of the Ruler and the Ruled]
(4) Spending on Path of the Prophet (PBUH)
(5) Spending on Struggle and Feeding
(6) Expenditure of Beloved Prophet (PBUH)
(7) Returning the Trust
(8) Detachment from This World
(9) Sacrificing Personal Desires
(10) Respecting Life and Property of Believers
(11) Character and Habit of Prophet (PBUH)
(12) On Patience and Forgiveness,
On Affection and Compassion,
On Decency,
On Humility,
On Humour,
On Thrift and Welfare,
On Steadfastness,
On Thankfulness,
On On Striving for Worship,
On Bravery,
On God Fear and Carefulness,
On God Reliance,
On Pondering,
Their Talk, Smiling and Laughing,
Demanding Good and Forbidding Bad,
Marriage Matters