Monday, May 23, 2011

Few Words From Maulana Tariq Jamil Sahab (DB)

Here are few words from the beginning of the sermon at Punjab university.

(1) I can say it with full confidence that to raise slogans in a religious gathering is serious misdemeanour.  You have the full right to disagree with me but since you have called me therefore to make an allowance for me is incumbent on you. Today the enthusiasm in raising slogans was a bit overboard.
(2) Except for man the rest of the creation is very well educated. You might add a Dr before somebody's name but a Verse pushed man back. It says, "We have given man very little knowledge." A fetus inside the womb can not comprehend mother. Even if man comes with the age of Noah (AS) even then he can not gather the complete knowledge of Lord's Creation. (Today even Jewish people are distributing degrees of Islam.)
(3) So we should follow those people who have knowledge. Allah (SWT) has called Qur'an the light (noor).
(4) The Holy book has the phrase no doubt in the beginning. The original word for doubt used in Arabic has a rather delicate texture. In a sense it is very fleeting indecision.