Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crime and Punishment

The tears of a place were not dry and the other one started. (The reference is to violent social troubles hitting one location after another.) Why? When troubles increase they do to such a level, such storms are generated that even the mountain like trees are uprooted. Shamelessness is becoming common-be it man or woman. There are benefits both in mobile and internet but now the harms have become more. Whole of the Ummah is walking on the footsteps of Jewish and Christian communities. There is a claim to love of Rasoolallah (PBUH) but the actions are openly against the Doctrine (Shariah).

(Jazakallah Khiran Katheerah to Dr Hanif Kamal Sahab (DB) and Mufti Muhammed Usama Sallamahu for their respective nudges.)

(Sitting (Majlis) on Friday October 7, 2011)