Saturday, November 19, 2011

About a Guest

Where is Aijaz Sahab?

(Sitting (Majlis) on Monday October 17, 2011)

(This does not tell us much by way of admonition-till we include the background. The Sitting (Majlis) in Anona House is a daily routine after Asr till Maghrib. Guests, who mostly come to meet Hazrat Shaikh (DB), are quite frequent and many. Some are very regular. Some of them come weekly-from nearby places. There are some who try to make their monthly visits. Some make yearly visits. In deed for some it might be just a single visit. Some of them have in the mind that they have come to visit an elder and his Majlis is an inner affair and it will be audacious to intrude into it. Such people will be curious about the Majlis but will not come to it. In reality the Majlis is open for all seekers. Thus sometimes Hazrat Shaikh(DB) will ask the helpers to remind a particular guest to come to the Majlis. Above particular guest was very dignified one but other details about him have escaped our notice.)