Monday, October 10, 2011

Guests and Guests

Delhi and Agra associates usually take the Sunday opportunity, when they are free from their worldly affairs, to come to Anona House. Their eagerness is so inspiring. And both of these groups have shining, luster, radiance of their own as has been reported more than once here. Both of these groups were present yesterday and the Sitting (Majlis) was crowded. Mosque was even more crowded for there was a Jama-at (together with ladies) also present. Then there was a supplicant also who, as it turned out, wanted admission for his ward in some Madarsa.  The way he was talking on his mobile was enough to get him an instruction to talk less loudly. And there was yet one more person who most probably would have got marching orders if his mobile conversation would have fallen of Shaikh (DB)'s ears. Lucky guy.