Friday, October 7, 2011

At Ahuja Eye Center

Dr Ahuja is famous eye specialist in Aligarh. Immediately after Maghrib prayers Hazrat Shaikh (DB) left for eye check up at Ahuja Eye Center. Advocate Muhammed Yusuf had asked this sinner to come to this clinic and after reaching physicians chamber the scene unfolded as follows-starting a series of admonitions. A man was arguing with Dr Ahuja and it turned out that at the turn of this man' patient, most probably his mother, a significant police officer barged into doctors chamber. After that officer's patient doctor had called Hazrat Shaikh(DB) inside for there was an appointment made three days in advance. But the physician came to realize that this man had a point. Thus he asked Hazrat Shaikh(DB) to wait for few minutes. Doctor also narrated the story of police officer's behaviour. He had come without appointment and he had not got his consultation slip prepared. He is a police officer after all. Doctor had asked his assistant to communicate that if there is a legal trouble for him (the doctor) then it is hoped that the officer will not demand a bribe. Doctor felt that it does not work this way that he want relaxation during consultation as well as bribe in case of problems involving police. Before the assistant could go out of the room the police officer barged into the consultation room. The physician argued to the haggling patient whose turn was eaten up by the officer that it would not have been nice to turn the person out. Doctor checked up this patient with utmost care and he was making a small talk also. He said that patient has become very low in us Indians. When it was Hazrat Shaikh (DB)'s turn finally he asked whether Hazrat too faces the same problem. Hazrat said that this is the constant problem. In the mean while the doctor also had said that I am asking you to wait with utmost etiquette. Then he sent Hazrat to another room where a young technician will perform the refraction measurements. This is the spectacle measurement. The technician looked at the present spectacles and asked how old these are. He was surprise to know that these were three years old. These have been treated to well, he said. (Bahut sanbhal ke rakha hai!) After all the permutations and combination the technician decide against any change in the spectacle numbers. When the troupe is back to Physicians' room it was realized that one measurement was still missing but the corresponding machine was there in that room itself. This was done by another technician who was, like the other one, quite efficient. According to the boards outside this clinic has ISO 9001 type of certificates. While waiting Hazrat Shaikh(DB) said to this sinner that the whole technical background of this field is your topic, that is, optics but by now I have forgotten that. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) also introduced the sinner to the physician who was polite to receive the introduction. Then he saw Hazrat Shaikh(DB) off to the gate of the consulting room. He said that Hakeem Sahab I should have seen you at your home but I can not take these machines with me. This sinner could not resist the question that was coming to the tip of the tongue. Was it Dr Ahuja who is mentioned for his visit to Saharanpur and to whom Hazrat Shaikh-ul-Hadith Maulana Zakaria (RA) used to come for consultation? It was Hazrat Shaik (DB) who replied and told that it was Dr V.N.Shukla father of Dr Manoj Shukla. Both of these are no more and Hazrat Shaikh (DB) was surprise to know that even Dr Manoj Shukla expired a month or so back. He had kidney problem and was surviving with a kidney transplant from his mother. A sadness engulfed the environment. Finally, after Hazrat Shaikh (DB) had moved a few steps away, Dr Masood Ahmed whispers to the physician hoping that there was nothing serious. Dr Ahuja knows Dr Masood Ahmed being an old acquaintance of his father. The physician takes few moments to get the purport of the query and makes a fake gesture that it is very serious. Allahu Akbar. Technician preparing the medicine for Hazrat Shaikh (DB) said that other can move out and he'll relieve  Maulvi Abdul Muqsit with medicine very soon. Advocate Yusuf hands over the keys to of the car this sinner so that the doors can be opened while he himself guides Hazrat Shaikh(DB) to the seat beside the driver.