Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gems of the Day

By the Grace of Allah Most High two gems have been reported by two of our favourite blogs.
First one is from Noor of Nobility.

Avoiding Confusion & Doubts  

September 21, 2011 

Hazrat (db) said,
If two things are developed in an individual then all the doubts they have will leave.
1) Azmat (greatness/magnificence)
2) Muhabbat (love)
By questioning or by actual research, one does not solve anything. This just creates further doubts. The fact that doubts even develop in a person is a sign of the nonexistence of these two things. If a person doesn’t feel the greatness of what they are a part of, if we lack that love for our mashaa’ikh, then the only way to fix this is to develop these two things. And the way to do this is to be in the company of the ahle muhabbat. Once a person develops this azmat and muhabbat for everything, Hazrat Thanwi (rah) says that my experience tells me that a person, even if they want to, then they cannot find confusion or doubt.
Here Hazrat(db) means Maulana Mohammed Nabeel Ahmed Khan Sahib (DB). And this is a wonderful quotation. Actually confusions and doubts are the most debilitating things one can experience in life. Our Lord Most Merciful and Most Beneficent by His Grace reassures us in the beginning (after Fatiha) of the Holy Qur'an that you have no doubts that there is guidance for certain people. Our Masha-ikh make these things clear to us and above quote is such an example. Our modern life puts lots of doubts and confusion in our thinking and the solution is there in front of our eyes. Just develop reverence and love for people of Allah (in whatever way you can) and then you can not have confusions and doubts even if you want to have! Sub-han Allah.

The second gem is of course from Ashrafia. This one too is very cute.

Is This Islahi Ta’luq?

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An individual approached sayyidi wa sanadi Shaikh Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) with extreme reverence and admiration. After salutations were exchanged Shaikh inquired his purpose of visit. He replied that, ‘I have islahi ta’luq (relationship for self improvement) with you.’
Shaikh looked at him sternly and said, ” I do not recognize you at all.
What type of islahi ta’luq is this?
Is this something playful?
Whenever you feel like keeping in contact you decide to come and at other times you are absconding.
I am sorry. I can not assit in such type of relationship. Please, excuse me. Now you can go. Find someone else who agrees to this type of relationship. ”
Another such scenario occurred. However, the seeker (already a murid) admitted his mistake and asked for forgiveness. After admonsihing him Shaikh instructed,
‘Attend the weekly majlis regularly. Meet me after the majlis. If you are regular and serious with this then I will consider giving you permission to restart this relationship.’
Office, Darul Uloom, Karachi after duhar, 28th Ramadan 1432/ 29August 2011
To get to the sweetness of the episode we have to remember a couplet:
Hai Jano Muhabbat Agar Woh Khafa HoN
Gar Hum Bhi Khafa HoN To Muhabbat Nahi Hai

(Take it as love if he is angry
If I am angry then it's love lost)

So the anger and displeasure shown by the Shaikh(DB) in fact shows the presence of love. And if one detects that he is loved by a person like Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab(DB) then lucky is the good characterization of such a soul.

The strange thing is that when a disciple (mureed) is being so loved every reader feels loved. strange are the ways of Allah(SWT).