Saturday, September 24, 2011

Arzu Khan Sherwani

 Brother Arzu is Hadhrat Masihullah Khan Sherwani Jalalabadi(RA)'s nephew.  He occasionally visits Anona House. Today also he came during the Sitting (Majlis).

TSHS: Is it true that Hadhrat Jalalabadi(RA) was your elder uncle (Taya or tao in local dialect-not used by puritanical Urdu speakers)?

Arzu Sahab: Yes.

TSHS: Tell us something about him.

Arzu Sahab: I'll give you a book.

TSHS: That will be very nice but we'll want some verbal stories too!

Arzu Sahab: (Smiles)

TSHS: Somebody was mentioning a biography of Hadhrat Jalalabadi (RA) on Sunni Forum. Who has written it? Are you talking about that?

Arzu Sahab: I am talking about Sayings (malfoozat). And there is a biography that was written in Mewat. Another one by Ghayasuddin Sahab of Allahabad-an associate of Hadhrat. Then there is one that has been written in Pakistan.

TSHS: There is a brother who is an associate (mureed) of Mufti Nawal-ur-Rahman Sahab. He frequently talks about his Shaikh.

Arzu Khan: These are four brothers Jamal-Kamal-Nawal and I have forgotten the name of fourth brother-they got their education in Jalalabad.