Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Spiritual Accident

As you enter the Anona House Complex the small but beautiful Mosque comes to your view rather suddenly because it is covered by the shops in front of it. Few days ago the Seeker entered the Anona House complex 
and the Mosque came, as expected, into full view. So did Hazrat Shaikh Damatbarkatuhum as he was coming out of the Mosque after Asr Prayers. Anona House House Asr time is usually fifteen minutes later than the other Mosques and many people make it to the Sitting (Majlis) after Asr Prayers at their usual Mosques. On that day since Hazrat Shaikh (DB) came into full view rather unexpectedly it precipitated into an small accident. The light (noor) that is present on the face of the People of Allah has rather drastic effect on the neurons. (No we are not that much interested in corresponding scientific analysis.) That is what happened that day. Nothing worrisome but very significant. To complete the narration there is one Seeker who is spending lots of time in (optional) Prayers in the Mosque. He too is glowing like radium. A fairy sort of world-we kid you not.