Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life of Muslims

That is the book Hayat-ul-Mulimeen by Hazrat Thanwi (RA). A book that, together with Bahishti Zewar, was source of Hope from Allah (SWT) for Hazrat Aqdas (RA). Here are the chapters courtesy Ashrafia Islamic University, Lahore.

Chapter No.1 Islam and Iman
Chapter No.2 Acquisition of and imparting Deeni knowledge Revolution of the Ummah
How to rectify this change – How to reform

Chapter No.11 Steadfastness in Salaat
Chapter No.12 Erection of Masaajid
Chapter No.15 Charity other than Zakaat
Chapter No.16 Fasting
Chapter No.17 Hajj
Chapter No.18 Qurbaani
Chapter No.19 Income and expenditure
Chapter No.20 Nikah and progeny
Chapter No.23 Sabr and Shukr
Chapter No.24 Muslim social conduct
Chapter No.25 The distinguishing characteristics of the nation of Islam