Thursday, December 6, 2012

Visiting Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB)

Hazrat Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum reached Anona House for the first time yesterday after this years Haj.

Today, on December 6, 2012, he visited Dr Nadir Ali Khan around 12:30 Noon. Dr Khan has been keeping unwell for some time. He had an accident a few decades ago in the US while he was in a Jama-'at there. The after effects of that event are felt till today, for example, a vertebra lost calcium and the problem is to revitalize it.

Dr Khan was taking some sun outside and a few young men together with yours truly listening to his conversation which has very high levels of Balaghah even in a very informal chit chat. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) left in less than few minutes but surprisingly a number of topics were exchanged by both of the Elders during these few minutes. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) was accompanied by Qari Ilyas sahab, Hakim Huzaifa and Advocate Yusuf Sahab. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) came with Zam Zam and some other gift of Haj.

After Hazrat Shaikh (DB) left yours truly too headed for the exit, after due permission from the host. Dr Khan Sahab (DB) remarked, "Dr Sahab some times I am jealous of myself?" To pacify the curiosity on yours truly's face he said, " I just got a visit from one of the biggest Elders of our Ummah."

Allahu Akbar. Dr Khan Sahab (DB) is senior to Hazrat Shaikh (DB) but his hair is less white - Dr Khan Sahab (DB) is a former wrestler! Dr Khan Sahab (DB) was surprisingly informed about what Hazrat Shaikh (DB) has been telling in the Harmain. He said that you have criticized the over spending or electricity, water and and on table spread but add more thing from my side. It is mobile. There is too much useless talk going on mobile. A man comes to the mosque. Makes ablution. Prays two units of Ablustion. Then Four Units Sunnah Non-regular. And then his movile rings. When the Salah is about to begin the man is taken out of the Mosque by Allah (SWT). I say switch off your mobile at prayer times.

There were many other things but this should suffice for now.