Monday, February 27, 2012

On Qari Sahab(NM)

A pang of pain crosses heart when we have to call Qari Sahab with the honorific of Nawwarallahu Marakadhu. The words a person uses through out his life the very same words come on his tongue at his last time. When pain started Qari Sahab(RA) started reciting the words : I repent from kufr and shirk etc. His grandson suggested to recite Ya Salaamu.  That is what Qari Sahab(RA) was reciting when he left this world. It was Tahajjud time and thus he did not missed any regular Prayers and no other worship was left out. He protected himself from sins and devoted his life in the service of Deen. His body was carried on shoulders in a city like Mumbai. Lakhs of people participated in the funeral process and a distance of seven kilometers was covered in half an hour. He had memorized the Noble Qur'an but did not disclose it to the people. In spite of being a practicing Scholar he used to contact scholars in matters of Religion in the first go. There have been two Elders who used to keep themselves hidden from the people. Another one was Shah Muhammed Ahmed Sahab Pratapgarhi (RA). I saw his village - it was so much in the interior that it was difficult to approach.

(Sitting (Majlis) on Monday, February 27, 2012)