Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Signs of Allah : Elders

Allah (SWT) is known from his Signs.
Somebody asked who are the People of Allah.
Somebody answered that these are the people who remind you of Allah.
Indeed our Elders (Buzurgaan-e-Deen) are Signs of Allah.
And they are also Proof of Allah (SWT).
Some of them much more than others.
Hazrat Aqdas Shah Muhammed Ashraf Ali Sahab Thanwi Quddis Allahu Sirruhu was one of them.
There you find gnosis (Marifat-e-Ilahi). And you do not find anything else there.
So what was he then, if not a Proof of Allah (SWT)?
Hujjat-ullah in deed.
 If you want to be a man of Truth (Allah Sub-hanahu Wa Ta'ala)

then do not be desirous of truth from all and sundry

 get it from Hazrat Ashraf Ali Shah (RA)
for he is Proof of Allah (SWT) for the people of world.

Images Source : Ashrafia (Urdu)